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We are upholstered furniture production company in Lithuania.

History :

Company was started in 2005 . We have been sub suppliers for big/average size Scandinavian companies all those years.

We have been involved in different activities in that period: started as producer of “ easy”, “relax” chairs, weaving of chairs, production of small items  in leather, felt for Scandinavian companies.

We produce sofas since year 2006.


About company :

We owe the production premises of approx. 7000m2.

Premises are located in 2 different places with 6 km in between : sewing shop is placed in suburb of Svencioneliai town, cutting, assembling, upholstery, packing and stock is in village area 6 km from sewing shop.

Our own truck transports materials between 2 divisions.

We have all machines and do all the operations in production of upholstered furniture :

sewing, cutting and production of frames, foam cutting, upholstery, packing.


At the moment we employ more than 100 people.

Production capacity more than 10  truckloads / week.



Our strengths :

–          As we are doing all the operations inside the company, we can be flexible, short delivery terms, less costs.

–          Small administration.